To be a member of ATP


Associação de Turismo do Porto CC BY-NC-SA

The purpose of the ATP/PCVB is the external promotion of Porto and the North of Portugal as a Tourist Destination of Excellence.

Annually, the Bureau puts into practice a marketing plan which includes:

  • Activities with the Press
  • Activities with agents of the industry (workshops, road shows, Fam Trips, winning and support of international congresses)
  • Participation in international trade fairs and exhibitions
  • Advertising online and offline
  • Online channels
  • Promotion activities of the Destination abroad
  • Support to Air Routes

That marketing plan is developed in the priority and strategic markets of Porto and the North of Portugal, always with the aim to raise notoriety of the destination-brand and to simultaneously create business opportunities for their associates.

The Members of this association will have the opportunity to be part of this credible and prestigious project, in partnership with a group of public and private entities, benefiting from the following counterparts:

  • Integration in the Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, A.R. as a member, whose class typology suits the corresponding company (E.g.: Class A – Hotels, Class B – DMCs, etc.);
  • Projection and promotion of the Entity / image through promotional activities included in the marketing plan and in the Bureau's promotional material (whenever the same are adequate to the offer made available by the associate);
  • Access to information available in the database (clients and service providers), sales leads, newsletters, events lists (…);
  • and Inclusion of the respective Plans and Budgets of activities in the Marketing and Sales Plans that, under the actual Protocol with the Tourism of Portugal, allow the associates to benefit from a financial participation