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Carnival in northern Portugal

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So that you can plan your trip well in advance, we shall tell you about Carnival in northern Portugal. In many northern towns, this day is marked with joy and excitement.

In Podence (Macedo de Cavaleiros), the “caretos” take to the streets disguised as devilish and mysterious images.

They come in swarms, dressed in thick, colorful suits and in search of single girls, who watch from the windows or balconies of their houses, excited and afraid that the boys might climb the walls.

In Lamego and Vinhais, Carnival is also celebrated with a big party: music, masks and excitement fill these days of revelry.

In Porto, there is a wide variety of parties that mark this date and that are celebrated the night before Carnival, and on the actual day of Carnival. 

Wherever you choose to celebrate Carnival, take this opportunity to visit the North and become acquainted with one of its most important traditions. 


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