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FEST - New Directors | New Cinema Festival 2015

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FEST - New Directors | New Cinema Festival is one of the largest forums in the world in terms of cinema knowledge and takes place every year in northern Portugal in Espinho.

The 2015 edition of FEST will take place on 22-29 June, in the Multimedia Centre of Espinho, a modern infrastructure, of recognized quality, with two movie theaters, Imax screen, planetarium, cafe and public Internet.

The event creates a space where young and promising filmmakers can showcase and promote their work, develop their knowledge and share opportunities, creating new audiences for independent cinema.

Its program consists of seven different sections, ranging from competitions of short films and feature films (Silver Lynx and Golden Lynx, respectively), film screenings dedicated to music (FEST Sound), social responsibility programs (Social FEST), among others.

In addition to the film festival, FEST includes parallel events such as FEST - Training Ground and FEST - Pitching Forum, bringing together established professionals of great recognition and young filmmakers who now define their place.

FEST has participants from all over the world and also top figures of the film industry, as is the case of Gareth Wiley, Producer of "Vicky Christina Barcelona" who even states that "The entire FEST team is fantastic. Intelligent, welcoming and efficient. This event is amazing."

The city of Porto and the North of Portugal stand out, once again, as a center for the diffusion of film, hosting one more internationally recognized event. If you are around, do not miss the opportunity to watch the films in competition. If you want to include this program in your shedule when traveling by Porto and the North of Portugal, please contact us. We will be happy to assist you.


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