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Gastronomy at Porto and Northern Portugal


The traditional dishes of Porto and Northern Portugal make this region one of the most interesting, from a culinary point of view. 

So, when visiting Porto and Northern Portugal, make sure you have the time and appetite to take a culinary tour that will allow you to enjoy truly delicious and unique dishes. 

In Porto, try the famous “francesinha”, a meat and cheese sandwich covered in a spicy sauce, as well as Porto’s “tripas à moda”. Next, go to Matosinhos and indulge in the area’s best fresh fish and seafood. 

For dessert we suggest the Felgueiras sponge cake, the jesuítas (puff-pastry cakes), the limonetes (small lemon tarts), and the biscuits from the Santa Escolástica Monastery in Santo Tirso, or even the “papos de anjo”, the “brisas do Tâmega” pastries or the “toucinho do céu” almond cake from Amarante.

Also, while in Minho, don’t forget to try the famous “caldo verde” (green soup), the lamprey or the yellow cured cod. For meat dishes there is the “sarrabulho” (stew), “rojões” (fried pork) or pork leg at Clara Penha. 

If you have more of a sweet tooth, we recommend you go to Braga to taste the famous “Abade de Pristos” pudding, and visit Esposende to try their “Clarinhas de Fão” (powdered sugar covered pastries).

In Trás-os-Montes, try Mirandela’s “alheiras” (sausages) and in Mondim de Basto try the Maronesa meat and the moist sponge cake, both specialties of this region.

All of these delicacies can be accompanied by a good wine, also characteristic of Porto and the Northern region, with several options to choose from


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