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Get ready to pack your bags for the 2016 Porto and North Portugal Music Festivals

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As the new year approaches, you are probably already thinking of what to plan for 2016. Why not come to Porto and North Portugal? Better yet, why not come to Porto and North Portugal and enjoy one or more of the Music Festivals scheduled for 2016?

To help you plan, we have broken down what each zone has best to offer in 2016. Gather family or friends and get ready for the unique experience of Porto and Minho.


Serralves em Festa
June 4th and 5th

The Serralves em Festa is one of the largest contemporary cultural events in Portugal and Europe. Every year it receives numerous visitors who come to watch performances and expositions from hundreds of national and international artists.

Performance, Music, Contemporary Dance, Theater and Cinema, Architecture and Ecology, come together with the activities developed throughout the year at the Museum and Serralves Park.

Caixa Ribeira
In June (date to be determined)

The most critically acclaimed Fado artists, from traditional to new generation and new talent, come to Ribeira do Porto for this special Festival. Uniquely configured, the Festival takes place in the least expected places of the city. In total, there will be ten stages with performances from more than 40 Fado artists over two days.

NOS Primavera Sound
June 9th and 11th

Porto is an open city that is in constant change, and that likes to give and receive. And this is the spirit Parque da Cidade encapsulates during the three days of NOS Primavera Sound.

In 2015, more than 40 nationalities came through this space bringing with them an unparalleled multiculturalism and revitalization of Porto's focus on sociocultural matters. The atmosphere, the vast historical heritage, the welcoming spirit, and the ease in getting around the varied urban locations are what make people become hopelessly captivated by the city when visiting NOS Primavera Sound.

Meo Marés Vivas
July 14th and 16th

"Urban, expansive and unmissable", is how the Marés Vivas Festival presents itself, located in the unique setting of Cabedelo, at the opening of the river Rio Douro and next to the city of Vila Nova de Gaia.

The ease in which you can arrive at the city of Porto, the diversity of the renowned artists that you can hear and the vast audiences you will encounter are main factors that contribute to this classification and that make this festival a "must stop".

NOS D’Bandada
In September (date to be determined)

There is nothing better for those who want to walk around the city. The NOS D'Bandada offers an enormous variety of artists and musical genres spread out in little pockets throughout the city of Porto.


August 4th and 6th
Viana do Castelo

The best of electronic music has assembled here in Viana do Castelo for the last 9 years. Every year, NeoPop has been able to exceed the expectations of a demanding and knowledgeable audience, making the Minho city the capital of Electronic Music.

Vodafone Paredes de Coura
August 17th and 20th
Paredes de Coura

The Vodafone Paredes de Coura Festival continues to write history even 22 years after its premiere. There are those who already see Coura like a second home, like an additional parallel story to their own lives, and there are those who are about to discover the festival and discover themselves at the same time. One thing is for sure: this is an experience you cannot miss.

Festival para Gente Sentada
In September (date to be determined)

The strong cultural dynamics of the city of Braga have made it the new home for the Festival para Gente Sentada [Festival for people who prefer to sit]. The Festival stays true to its name, the concept being for people who prefer to sit, the central point around which everything else is structured. It has taken a step forward by designing a diverse and unique program, ideal for those who prefer to watch while seated or standing.

In September (date to be determined)

The Semibreve Festival has asserted itself as an event not to be missed in the panorama of international and national electronic music, with performances from some of the most relevant artists from the current electronic music scene. It also contributes to promoting scientific production in digital arts by top institutions.

Guimarães Jazz
November 2nd and 12th

Guimarães Jazz is a project supported by a promotional model that has an overall focus on North American Jazz, but also aims to construct geographical connections, historical understanding and aesthetics between the different types of music.

This is a privileged place that celebrates historic and current jazz, presenting proposals that aspire to find balance between tradition and diversity, emotion and intellect, contemporaneity and memory.

For all this and more, come and discover Porto and North Portugal. Take the opportunity to visit some of the more emblematic points of the area and try some of the best of Portuguese gastronomy. Take a look at some of the best accommodation offers and, if you need some help planning your trip, feel free to contact us!


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