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New Routes of Porto and the North Creative Region

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Porto and the North of Portugal are unique regions, full of traditions, knowledge and flavors you'll want to get to know. In order to position the North as an innovative, inclusive, sustainable and creative tourist destination, through the dissemination and promotion of the products of the region's entrepreneurs and creative talents, the platform "Porto and the North Creative Region" was created.

This platform thus seeks to not only bring together the people and the dynamics of the cultural and creative sector of northern Portugal, affirming the character of this area and enhancing the contribution of all its makers, but also promote the brand "Porto and the North, Creative Region" as an umbrella brand of creativity in the territory, potentiating the "Porto and the North of Portugal" brand and the attractiveness of the territory

"Porto and the North, Creative Region" is also part of a partnership between Primus and ADDICT, developed under the INNOVATE project, co-funded by the Transnational Programme of Atlantic Space Cooperation of the European Union. This program aims to boost the skills of local and regional authorities in promoting economic transformation and the development of a knowledge-based economy.

Our Itineraries

Geographically, we consider as "North of Portugal" the entire territory outlined by Viana do Castelo, Braga, Porto, Vila Real and Bragança and part of Aveiro, Viseu and Guarda. Being the second largest and most internationally recognized city, Porto takes on the quality of creative driver, symbol of and gateway to the region.

Being a region rich in cultural sites such as theaters, museums, galleries, but also squares, streets and places of artistic enjoyment, we have created itineraries with the seal of Porto and the North | Creative Region. These itineraries are proposed as ways to explore the territory, building a virtual map that lets you discover the region through the eyes of one that makes and remakes it

We suggest points of interest along the geographical extent of northern Portugal, so that those who want to delve deeper in their travels, can chose from all available options the ones that best fit their profile. Because of that, we have two close curators of cultural dynamic of the region: José Luís Ferreira, with a long path in the artistic direction of the largest theaters in the country; and Michael von Hafe Pérez, art critic and exhibition commissioner.

To facilitate the exploration of this region, you can see the points of interest by date, space, creative area or experience. For those with less time to explore but who still want to get to know the best of this region, our curators selected 20 sites and events not to be missed

Do not wait and come to know the best of what is made in Porto and North of Portugal.


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