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Porto: USE-IT Map

Rui Ribeiro CC BY-NC-ND

Porto was the first Portuguese city to join in with the creative irreverence of these maps in 2011. And there is already a new version passing through the hands of its most curious visitors.

The USE-IT maps are designed and updated for young people who visit both large cities and small towns and who want to receive tips that differ from those that appear on the normal tourist itineraries. They are great guides, and always useful to have to hand.
In a few pages, you can find the essential things formatted in letters, drawings and testimonies; everything, in fact, expect advertising, since these maps are not commercial. Save the new map of Porto and dare to be challenged during your visit.

The USE-maps

They are free and very valuable!

There are USE-IT maps for Namur, Verona, Ljubljana and other unlikely European cities. Only those familiar with these cities will know what will make your visit a happy one through the way they are presented. Wake up to details that are rarely talked of because they are little know, and learn more with around 30 existing maps (some under construction). All of them are written in English.

If you have visited Milan, Bilbao, Prague or even Porto, and are only now discovering these maps, it's likely that they contain something that you didn't notice. But you are always welcome to return to discover each one of the displayed destinations. Just on the Porto map, you can find 100 points of interest, besides those which almost everybody goes to. Going in through the “side door” can be a lot of fun and really enhance your trip. If you prefer to get the complete picture, we suggest that you enter through both doors.

Once you find the online map, you can print it, or download the free app for your mobile phone, or look it up at the city's tourist offices, in hostel (which number around 50), and in Erasmus offices at universities.

Explore Porto with the USE-IT map

Will you come with us to Porto? We shall begin by exploring the flavours. We see on the map that, on Sá da Bandeira street, there is a supermarket that sells the ingredients we need to prepare the famous franchesina at home. The Bolhão Market is also close by, where we can talk about how we were born in the year that Pinto da Costa was elected president of Porto Football Club (1982), the club at which José Mourinho began is his successful career. Who knows, perhaps we will make a friend on the first day? It's all explained on page 1 of the map.

Besides the flavours, and because we shall have to do some exercise, we plan to climb up the 240 steps of the Cleric's Tower to appreciate one of the best views over the city. Look at it from up high, and then feel it step by step.

To be like the people of Porto (portuenses) one must be relaxed, sincere, effusive, hard working and hard to march. And when visiting each of the suggestions on the map, you will see that there is great charm and pride in those who belong to this land.

The bridges and beaches, the festivities and the bars, the land and water transport, as well as the shops and restaurants are all fully detailed and explored over the maps' six pages, with something suitable for all tastes.

If you have already visited us, even before discovering all the charms of the city, we are sure that you will return. When you do, please contact us, and we shall take pleasure in making your visit even more perfect.

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