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Rabelo Boat Regatta


The Rabelo Boat Regatta, organized by the Port Wine Brotherhood, is an event that takes place every year on 24th June in Porto

It is a day of celebration for the entire city as on this date the important public festival of São João also takes place.

During the regatta, the boats pass with their sails raised, displaying the name of the wine producer to which it belongs. The boats sail from Cabedelo, past the Foz do Douro and towards Casa Sandeman, in the race to finish first.

Locals await the arrival of the boats at the finishing line whereupon prizes are handed out in an atmosphere of celebration.

In Porto, all of the public holidays at this time of year are moments of great joy, vibrancy and festivity that can only be truly experienced in person.

Spend a few days in Porto at this time of year and experience São João in an unforgettable way.

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