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Romance in Porto


A riverside town, Porto exudes romance and offers everything that a loving couple could want: peace, beauty and romance. 

Bring your partner to Porto and show them the Douro River aboard a traditional “Rabelo” boat, the narrow streets of the city’s historic center or the breathtaking landscapes of the river valley.

During your stay, stroll through the historic city center and enjoy Porto’s most famous monuments: Casa do Infante, the S. Francisco church or the Stock Exchange Palace. 

Explore the various romantic cafés scattered throughout the city, and walk along the riverside until reaching the Serralves.

If your visit to Porto must be done in just two days, see the Porto Tourism’s official website for help planning your trip. 

To make your trip even more romantic, try dining at one of the city’s many traditional and welcoming restaurants, tasting northern Portugal’s magnificent cuisine.

Do not forget to make a toast with a glass of Porto wine.

Porto will make you fall even more in love.


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