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The role of music in Porto

Associação de Turismo do Porto e Norte, AR CC BY-NC-ND

The city of Porto suffered a transformation in recent years and is now a different destination from what it was just half a decade ago. It is more cosmopolitan and lively. It also increased its options for nightlife and tourist accommodation. It is now a city focused on the creative industries, a stage of renowned cultural and artistic events, involving the Porto residents. 

With this backdrop, music has been playing a decisive role in the culture of the city. To this, the construction of the Casa da Música (House of Music) made a significant contribution in 2001 when Porto was the European Capital of Culture. The Casa da Música was considered one of the 15 best concert halls by Emporis, and apart from being able to get to know the halls and permanent exhibitions on guided tours, you can also attend concerts that make up the cultural life of the city of Porto.

From all the performances that happen throughout the year in Porto, we give special attention to the upcoming ones. Integrated in the festival of São João you have the Concertos na Avenida which will bring to the Aliados Avenue the biggest names of Portuguese music, such as Rui Veloso, Deolinda, José Cid, António Zambujo and the new sensation group D.A.M.A. All these concerts have free entrance.

The Festival of Caixa Ribeira, taking place in June 12nd and 13rd, brings the best fado singers, like Camané, Carminho, Katia Guerreiro, Ricardo Ribeiro and Gisela João to the "Invicta" city. You cannot miss this first edition of the festival which will have the Douro River as background.

If you are a music lover, check the programs of the major summer festivals in the North of the country and take advantage of this opportunity to also get to know the cities that host them.

Porto and the North of Portugal stand out for the combination of their history, rich in traditions, and the integration of more cosmopolitan events which attract the youth. Thus, it remains a region that attracts both young people and seniors, with a cross-cultural offer for any age group.

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