The finest gastronomic experience, with Porto.CARD



Authentic Food Quest has one goal - to explore the local flavours tasted on the travels that american bloggers Claire and Rosemary have been doing since 2015. The journey so far has been amazing, the two friends have now visited 34 countries and over 230 cities, and Porto is one of them.

While they were here, Porto and Northern Portugal Tourism Board offered them Porto.Cards so they could explore the wide range of offers included in this products. And they have in fact explored the delicacies Porto has to offer, having visited gastronomic landmarks, from "tascas", to restaurantes, to Porto Wine cellars or "mercearias", all using the discounts only the card can give in Porto.
Their feedback of the experience is quite enlightening. Claire and Rosemary state that "is impressive Porto.CARD can be used in different kinds of venues including museums, wineries and restaurants, tours and more [...] if offers plenty of opportunities to indulge in local Port wines and taste the local specialties. Meanwhile, you also get an understanding of the historical and cultural background of this charming city.

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